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The system description

The EcoWorldMap system allows to view and to add the ecological information, presented in the form of messages, announcements, parameters of the environment state, the list of the organizations. There are Russian and English versions of the user interface, but the number of user interface versions is not limited. The selection of a section and a type of the information is provided by means of tabs. The information can be presented in the form of the text, photos, audio or video records, values of ecological parameters, descriptions of the public and state ecological organizations, etc. Photos, audio and video records can be placed on the EcoWorldMap system server or on external service servers, for example, on, PicasaWeb, YouTube. The text can be written in any language, supported by Unicode. The system can receive values of parameters from corresponding web-services automatically. The information about ecological organizations is entered by the EcoWorldMap system support staff independently or on requests of users. The information sources are divided into: the certified and uncertified users, the certified and uncertified organizations. The certified status is given to a source of reliable information by, for example, the EcoWorldMap system support staff.