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Information placing on the EcoWorldMap system

The information in the EcoWorldMap system is attached to the geographical point to which it concerns (and not to the geographical position of the information source). For that the Google Maps web service is used. The presence of a graphic symbol (segment) - a translucent red rectangular (some browsers display not-filled rectangular) - on the map means, that information is concerned to one or several points in the region, which the segment covers. Thus, the information is grouped according to the region. The segment size is set on the floating "Segment control panel". The more the size of the segment is, the less the number of segments is on the map and the faster map loading is. Besides, the area, which the segment covers, depends on a scale of the map. The more the scale of the map is, the more the segment area is. The minimal segment size is 50×50 meters. There is the ability to displace segment center towards maximal clustered points density. To enable this, check the "Displace segment center towards maximal clustered points density" checkbox.